Sourav Ganguly Net Worth 2021

By | November 6, 2020

Sourav Ganguly Net worth

The net worth of Sourav Ganguly is estimated to be around ~416 crores ( US$ 55.5 million) as of July 2020, according to The net worth of Sourav Ganguly also reflects his previous earnings while playing for India and in the IPL. Popular shoe company Puma pays Sourav Ganguly a sum of Rs.1.35 crore (US$ 180) per year for his endorsement commitments, according to reports. As the brand ambassador of DTDC Express Limited, he also earns more than Rs.1 crore ( US$ 133). JSW Cement, Ajanta Shoes, My11 Circle, Tata Tetley, Essilor Lens, and Senco Gold have also been endorsed by Sourav Ganguly.

Salary to Sourav Ganguly

The Prince of Kolkata might have retired from the field, but in the cricketing world, he is still alive and kicking. It is said that the BCCI’s Bengal Tiger remuneration was valued at around 5 crores rupees. He is the President of the Bengal Cricket Association and a member of the Board of Governors of the IPL for which he is paid more than 10 lakhs a year.

The Endorsements by Sourav Ganguly

Ganguly makes most of his money after retirement by endorsing a total of 11 global, national, and regional brands.

He is the current DTDC campaign brand ambassador and earns more than $1 crore from that. Other brands he gets a nice sum from including Tata Tetley, Puma, Essilor Lens, and Senco Gold.

Reports indicate that Puma pays him about 1.35 crore a year. It has been estimated that per brand endorsement, he charges around one crore rupees per year.

House of Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly was born to a Behala, Kolkata, upper-middle-class family. His family is still the richest in the city and his place of residence has not been changed by Dada yet. He resides in the same house he was raised in.

Cars by Sourav Ganguly

In total, the Bengal Tiger has 6 luxury cars, including global brands such as Audi, Mercedes, and BMW. He is fond of bikes, apart from cars, and he owns two of them.

Other Sources of Income by Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly went on to try television, having shown his skills in cricket and has been quite successful to date.

He is the host of the Bengali show “Dadagiri,” which is the most watched television show in the eastern part of India. For hosting the show, he charges around 1 crore per week. He was also successful with the “Kaun Banega Crorepati” Bengali adaptation, which then increased his brand value.

He is one of the ISL Club’s main shareholders, Atletico-de Kolkata, which has twice won the Indian Super League championship.

The Future Increments of Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly may have been off the field, but at present, he is the most highly paid retired Indian cricket star. The regular interaction with the public is one of the reasons for his stable brand value and it will not be surprising if he demands 20-30 percent above the current price in the time to come. In the next 12 months, the brand value of “Dada” is expected to reach 150-160 percent of its current value.

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